Due to the SBI, a traitor sailor from Crimea, who went to war against Ukraine and was captured in Kherson region, will be put on trial


The State Bureau of Investigation conducts consistent and substantial work to bring to responsibility former servicemen who betrayed their oath to the Ukrainian people, defected to the enemy and are now fighting against Ukraine.

The SBI employees completed a pre-trial investigation against a former senior grenade launcher sailor, who voluntarily swore allegiance to the aggressor after the occupants seized a military unit in Simferopol in 2014. 

He continued to serve in the russian federation and returned to Ukraine together with the occupying troops during the full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territories.

At the end of August 2022, during a military clash in the Kherson region, this person was taken captive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The former serviceman is charged with high treason (Part 1 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

He faces punishment in the form of imprisonment up to 15 years.

Procedural guidance is provided by the Mykolaiv Specialized Military and Defense Prosecutor's Office of the Southern Region.