Court bans Party of Regions based on the SSU and the SBI materials


The Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal granted the Ministry of Justice's request to ban the Party of Regions.

The application was based on the materials of the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Bureau of Investigation.

In particular, the State Bureau of Investigation provided materials on the illegal actions of the Party of Regions leadership during the signing and ratification of the so-called Kharkiv agreements, as well as crimes committed by them during the Revolution of Dignity.

The court decision applies to all assets of the banned party and its structural units in different regions of our country.

Experts are currently establishing the value of this property.

Procedural guidance was provided by the Prosecutor General's Office.

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  • The SBI has completed the investigation into the treason of Yanukovych and Azarov, who contributed to the aggression of russia. They prepared and implemented the so-called Kharkiv agreements.
  • The SBI also served a notice of suspicion of treason on the former Minister of Defense for facilitating the occupation of Crimea.
  • The SBI completed an investigation against the former leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the case of illegal supply of grenades from russia.