Traitors' couple, who burned their russian passports after de-occupation of Kherson, will stand trial on the basis of SBI materials


SBI officers completed a pre-trial investigation into high treason by employees of the Dar'yivka Correctional Colony (No. 10). After the liberation of Kherson, the couple burned their russian passports, which they had received from the occupiers.

The indictments were sent to court.

The Bureau together with the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Police exposed a husband and wife who worked as junior inspectors in a correctional facility and had voluntarily defected to the enemy.

The fake institution operated under the laws of the aggressor country. The traitors followed all the instructions of the occupiers. It is known that they also provided russian special services with information about local patriots, including ATO and joint forces operation participants. They were issued russian-style IDs and received salaries in rubles.

During the authorised searches at the suspects' places of residence, law enforcement officers found oaths of citizenship of the russian Federation, employee IDs, and symbols of the russian federation. Documents provided by the occupiers for the passage through the checkpoints and permits for carrying weapons were also seized.

According to intelligence, the defendants had managed to obtain passports of the aggressor country, but after the liberation of Kherson, the traitors' spouses burned them, hoping to avoid responsibility. The suspects tried to hide, but were exposed and detained during stabilisation measures. The couple is currently in custody awaiting trial.

They are accused of committing a criminal offence under Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - high treason under martial law. The sanction of the article provides for life imprisonment.

The Kherson Regional Prosecutor's Office is in charge of the proceedings.