SBI materials will be used to prosecute the "head" of the detention centre in occupied Mariupol


SBI employees have completed a special pre-trial investigation into a former employee of the Mariupol Detention Centre. During the capture of Mariupol, he proactively cooperated with the russian invaders.

The indictment has been sent to court.

The former detention centre employee allowed the aggressor country's troops to enter the territory of the detention centre, where they set up a combat position. For his active cooperation with the occupiers, the defendant was appointed head of a pre-trial detention centre in Mariupol in the system of the so-called "state penitentiary service of the Ministry of Justice of the self-proclaimed donetsk people's republic".

He promptly informed the russian supervisors about the riot among the detainees in the detention centre. According to the available information, the occupiers "calmed down" the rebels using violence. The prisoners who agreed to support the occupation regime were released from the detention facility, the fate of the others is unknown.

At the time of the seizure of the Mariupol Detention Centre, 345 people were held there.

The suspect is accused of high treason (Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanction of the article provides for life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

The Donetsk Regional Prosecutor's Office is in charge of the case.