Based on the SBI materials, the court nationalised the assets of russian oligarch Rotenberg - Ocean Plaza shopping mall


The State Bureau of Investigation continues to work on identifying and transferring the assets of Russian oligarchs to state ownership.

Based on the materials collected by the SBI, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine filed a lawsuit with the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) of Ukraine to nationalise the assets of Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg and his family members in Ukraine.

On 20 March, the HACC ruled to confiscate the controlling part of corporate rights, integral property complexes, movable and immovable property, and funds in bank accounts, including Avangard-Vilarti LLC and IS Lybid LLC, which own the Ocean Plaza shopping mall. The court decision will come into force in 10 days.

Almost 70% of the mall's shares will be transferred to the state. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has to appoint a state agency to manage the Ukrainian assets of the sanctioned oligarch.

The SBI conducted a systematic analysis of information on the interference of representatives of the russian federation and their influence on the economic and political life of Ukraine. In particular, the involvement of Arkady Rotenberg, a resident of the russian federation who is close to russian president vladimir putin, in financing crimes aimed at changing the boundaries of the territory or state border of Ukraine and waging an aggressive war against Ukraine was proved.

It should be reminded that the Decrees of the President of Ukraine No. 726/2022 and No. 727/2022 of 19 October 2022 enacted the decision of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine "on the application of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)" in respect of Arkady Rotenberg, his daughter Lilia Rotenberg and a number of other persons from their environment.