According to the SBI materials, three Crimean deserters, who are providing air defense of the occupiers on the peninsula, will stand trial (VIDEO)


The substantial work of the State Bureau of Investigation on bringing traitors and deserters to justice continues. Recently, the SBI employees completed a special pre-trial investigation against three former servicemen from Crimea, who have been providing air defense in the occupation troops on the peninsula.

In 2014, during the occupation of the Crimean peninsula, the commander of the starting battery of the anti-aircraft missile division, the senior engineer of the missile and artillery armament service, the commander of the radio battery of the anti-aircraft missile division betrayed the oath, received russian passports and began to serve in the enemy army.

They not only provided air defense of the occupiers in Crimea, but also repeatedly participated in the materials of propaganda TV channels of the russian federation, in which they glorified the aggressor state.

The former servicemen are accused of treason and desertion (Part 1 of Article 111, Part 1 of Article 408 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanction of the articles provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to 15 years.

The procedural guidance of the pre-trial investigation is carried out by the Vinnytsia Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the military and defense sphere of the central region.

The materials of these criminal proceedings will become another proof of russian military aggression against Ukraine for international legal institutions.

It should be reminded that since the beginning of the russian aggression, the SBI has been investigating more than a thousand proceedings against traitors and collaborators.