Based on the SBI materials, an indictment against a law enforcer from Mariupol who betrayed his colleagues who were heroically defending Azovstal is sent to court


The State Bureau of Investigation has charged a company commander of a law enforcement agency in Mariupol, Donetsk region, with high treason.

The indictment has been sent to court.

The traitor cynically defected to the enemy in April 2022, when the heroic defence of Azovstal was in full force. He voluntarily joined the service of the illegal occupation body of the "ministry of internal affairs of the donetsk people's republic" - the so-called "Mariupol interdistrict department of the ministry of internal affairs of the donetsk people's republic".

He tried to persuade other former colleagues to join the terrorist organisation, but most of them did not betray their oath and stood up in defence of Ukraine.

In accordance with his "official duties," the traitor organizes the illegal law enforcement agency's security activities and implements physical security measures for the so-called "DNR's" facilities and property

The former law enforcement officer is charged under Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, namely high treason.

The General Prosecutor's Office is providing procedural guidance.