Last year, the SBI uncovered crimes at customs that caused almost UAH 400 million in losses to the state


In 2022, the State Bureau of Investigation, despite prioritizing the investigation of crimes against the foundations of national security, continued its consistent and systematic work on combating criminal offenses in the customs sector.

Investigating customs crimes is an extremely important area of the SBI's work, as even in peacetime, budget revenues from customs payments and the efficient operation of customs are key to the healthy functioning of the state. In times of war, the investigation of these offenses becomes an important element in enhancing the country's defense capability.

In total, in 2022, the SBI employees investigated 576 criminal proceedings for customs-related crimes, which resulted in 156 people being served with a notice of suspicion, and 110 indictments against 119 people.

In the completed criminal proceedings, the SBI established the amount of damage to the state exceeding UAH 372 million. As a result of the SBI's active work, by the end of the year, the State Budget of Ukraine managed to increase customs revenues by UAH 1 billion.

The following cases have gained particular resonance:

  • 14 customs officers will be brought to court for facilitating illegal imports of oil products to a company close to Medvedchuk
  • In Odesa region, the SBI exposed the head of a customs post who demanded bribes from grain exporters during the blockade of Ukrainian ports
  • The State Bureau of Investigation has completed an inspection of goods hidden from customs clearance at Odesa Customs. Goods worth over UAH 1.5 billion were found
  • The SBI exposed the management of the Stolychnyi customs post of the Kyiv Customs on systematic bribes from importers
  • The SBI exposed the head of the customs post "Tysa" of the Transcarpathian customs and his deputy on systematic bribery of road carriers
  • The SBI found 720 tons of frozen meat produced in Belarus at Odesa customs - it will be transferred to the army
  • At Lviv Customs, the SBI is investigating illegal customs clearance of cars at zero rate after the abolition of the preferential regime