The SBI has opened criminal proceeding on the fact of the tragedy at the funicular station in Kyiv


The employees of the State Bureau of Investigation have opened criminal proceeding based on the fact of the tragedy at the funicular station in Kyiv.

On April 7, at the station of the capital's funicular, there was a conflict between a man, who was serving as a driver in the State Security Department of Ukraine, and a minor.

After leaving the train at the upper station, the law enforcement officer pushed the minor. After that, the teenager fell down, broke the glass with his head, receiving a fatal cut to his neck. The minor died at the scene.

The detained law enforcement officer has already been suspended from performing his duties. His command provides full assistance in conducting urgent investigative actions.

Currently, the entire complex of operational investigative actions is being conducted, the issue of serving notification of suspicion of intentional murder to the detained law enforcement officer is being decided (Part 1 of Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The procedural guidance is provided by the Kyiv Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the Field of Defense of the Central region.