Despite the war, the SBI continues to work systematically to detect and terminate schemes at customs


The SBI performs systematic activity to detect and terminate schemes on customs, and this work does not stop even during military aggression. All officials who inflict damage to the state during martial law will be severely punished.

In particular, investigators from the Main Investigation Department of the State Bureau of Investigation have completed a pre-trial investigation into two employees of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

State inspectors of the Lviv-Pivnichny Customs Post Department were negligent in their official duties and did not control the correct classification of goods. Through their actions, they provided the exporting company with the opportunity to export electronic scrap boards and other products containing precious metals under the guise of electronic equipment, which is strictly prohibited by law.

As a result of such illegal export operations, the company was unjustifiably entitled to a budget refund of VAT for over UAH 1.7 million, which was unlawfully reimbursed to the company from the state budget.

In addition, SBI investigators exposed a fraud scheme at the Cherkasy Customs during the customs clearance of water equipment. The state suffered losses amounting to more than UAH 4 million. It is established that in 2021 the chief customs inspector allowed 80 units of products into the territory of Ukraine without proper verification of customs value. Due to the official's actions, the merchants managed to import goods at prices 2-3 times lower than the official ones. It allowed the dealers to evade taxes of UAH 4.4 million.

Investigators of the Territorial Department of the SBI located at Khmelnytskyi notified two Khmelnytskyi customs officers of suspicion, whose negligence caused budget losses of more than UAH 0.5 million.

During the customs clearance of gas condensate, customs officers did not take sufficient measures to establish the exact characteristics of the goods to be cleared through customs. As a result, officials cleared more than 68,000 kg of goods according to other specifications, which avoided excise tax and reduced the amount of value-added tax. As a result, the state failed to receive payments totalling almost UAH 537,000.

In both cases, SBI investigators notified officials of suspicion of negligence, which led to severe consequences (Part 2 of Article 367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanction of the article provides for imprisonment for up to 5 years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to 3 years and with a fine of up to 750 non-taxable minimum incomes.

The pre-trial investigation is underway.

Procedural guidance is provided by the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Khmelnytskyi Regional Prosecutor's Office. The SBI continues to work every day to expose shadow schemes at customs. All reimbursed funds will be used to strengthen the state's defence capabilities.