The commanders of the Lviv division of "Berkut" will go on trial on charges of intentional murders during the Revolution of Dignity


The employees of the SBI have completed the investigation of the criminal proceeding against the former commander of the Lviv special police battalion «Berkut» and the assistant chief of staff of this unit. The detainees were suspected of organizing the murders of the participants in mass protests in the center of Kyiv almost a year ago.

The indictment was sent to the court.

It was established that on February 18, 2014, they directly contributed to the murders of three activists, causing bodily harm of varying severity to more than 100 protesters, including gunshot wounds to the 10 protesters.

In particular, the investigators established that the commander of the Lviv division of "Berkut", acting on the instructions of the leadership of the Metropolitan police, ordered his subordinates to receive cartridges with lead buckshot, to equip them to the pump-action rifles and to conduct indiscriminate shooting at the activists until this buckshot ends.

The investigation also found out that the commander of the battalion has the citizenship of the aggressor country. Therefore, it is obvious, that he being the citizen of the russian federation, was acting in its interests by choosing the bloodiest way to deal with the activists for their civil pro-Ukrainian position.

The officers of «Berkut» are charged under the number of Articles of the Criminal Code, including Article 115 (premeditated murder) and Article 258 (terrorism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

In order to complicate the work of the investigators of the SBI and the conduction of the ballistic expertises, the assistant chief of staff, on the instructions of the battalion commander, appropriated and hid the instruments of crime, namely the firearms.

However, although after 9 years, justice managed to catch up with the commander and detain him.

Currently, he was deprived of his Ukrainian citizenship, his property was seized, as well as the property of the assistant chief of staff, to compensate the damage caused by the crime.

The procedural guidance is provided by the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.