Another collaborator from Kherson, who assumed that she would not be punished for working for the occupiers and stayed in the city, will be tried.


The SBI agents have completed the investigation of another traitor, an employee of the Northern Correctional Colony No. 90, who defected to the enemy during the occupation of Kherson.

The indictment was sent to the court.

In May 2022, the woman, together with her superior and other colleagues, voluntarily "joined the service" of a penal institution controlled by the occupying forces. She took the position of the so-called chief inspector of the penitentiary department.

After the liberation of Kherson by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the woman did not have time to flee with the occupiers and stayed in the city. She lied to Ukrainian law enforcement officers about having been forced to work for the occupiers, but did not provide any evidence. The collaborator is currently in custody.

The defendant is accused of voluntarily holding a position in an illegal law enforcement agency established in the temporarily occupied territory (Part 7 of Article 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The article provides for imprisonment for up to 15 years.

The Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office is providing procedural guidance.

Earlier, the SBI sent indictments against five other employees of the Kherson "Northern Correctional Colony No. 90".

The head of the institution is accused of treason, while the other defendants are accused of collaboration.