The passport of a citizen of the russian federation has become trash in Ukraine. The russians are getting rid of the papers of the aggressor country


The State Bureau of Investigation continues a systematic screening of citizens of the russian federation for possible involvement in reconnaissance and sabotage groups. The vast majority of russians in Ukraine condemn the putin's aggression and seek to renounce the citizenship of the aggressor country. With each passing day of the war, more and more russians have decided to get rid of their passports.

A 45-year-old resident of Odesa region publicly ripped up her Russian passport as trash.

The woman moved to Ukraine from Vorkuta in 1995. Since then, she has been working as a nurse in a city hospital, is married to a Ukrainian and has two children.

"I am a citizen of russian federation, but I have been living in the city of Izmayil in Ukraine for almost 30 years. I love this country, and I consider it my homeland. I have a negative attitude to russia's invasion of our country. To signify a protest, I want to destroy my russian passport. I don't need it anymore," - she said.