Large-scale theft of food for the military: the SBI found another covert storage facility with stolen food


The State Bureau of Investigation is making every effort to ensure that anyone who decides to profit from the supply of the Armed Forces under martial law is severely and fairly punished.

In January 2023, SBI employees uncovered an organised group that misappropriated and resold food products intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the large-scale special operation, the SBI, together with the National Police of Dnipro region and the SSU Military Counterintelligence Department, conducted nearly 70 searches. As a result, more than 30,000 cans of stewed products weighing more than 7 tonnes, which were ready for resale, as well as almost UAH 4 million in cash in various currencies, were seized.

Recently, SBI investigators found another warehouse in Dnipro region where the criminals were hiding stolen goods: condensed milk, canned fruits and vegetables, cereals, pasta, juices, stewed and other products weighing about 3 tonnes.

As part of the pre-trial investigation into the misappropriation of property by abuse of office (Part 4 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), the chief accountant of the logistics centre, three forwarders, the warehouse manager and the general manager were served a notice of suspicion.

The full circle of persons involved in the scheme is being established.

Some of the seized products have been delivered to the military, and the rest will be delivered to military units after the necessary examinations are completed.

Procedural guidance is provided by the Dnipro Specialised Military and Defence Prosecutor's Office of the Southern Region.