The property of "Channel 4", owned by deputy-betrayer Oleksiy Kovalov was transferred to the Ukranian Film State Agency


The property of LLC "TRC" Interradio "- the Ukrainian infotainment channel "4", owned by the deputy-betrayer Oleksiy Kovalov, was transferred to National Agency of Ukraine for finding, tracing and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes (abbr. - ARMA) at the disposal of the Ukranian State Film Agency.

This is stated in a release published on the website of the Ukranian State Film Agency.

Thus, the procedure for confiscating an asset and transferring it to the needs of the state is juridically completed.

"The final transfer of the traitor's asset and property to the disposal of the state is an important evidence of the inevitability of punishment for high treason and an event that takes Ukraine a step closer to Victory," the report of SBI said.

It should be reminded, that in April 2022, employees of the SBI opened a criminal proceeding against the People's Deputy of Ukraine, who, after a full-scale invasion of the russian federation, is staying on the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region and helps the occupying troops. During the investigation, it was established that at the beginning of July 2022 this year, Oleksiy Kovalov took up the position of deputy chairman in the "government of the Kherson region", which was illegally created by the occupation administration of the aggressor state. 

In July, based on the materials of the SBI, the court seized the property of the deputy betrayer Oleksiy Kovalov. In particular, the shares of the figurant involved in the authorized share capital of 3 legal entities and his bank accounts were arrested. Including the property of Interradio LLC, the Ukrainian infotainment channel "Channel 4", owned by Oleksiy Kovalov, was arrested.

On July 6th, 2022 the Prosecutor General reported him suspicion, based on evidence gathered by the State Bureau of Investigation.  

On July 15, 2022, at the request of the SBI, an interim measure in the form of detention under arrest was chosen for the people's deputy Oleksiy Kovalov, without an alternative of bailment. 

On August 17th , the seized property was transferred to the ARMA department. 

The deputy is put on the wanted list. 

The deputy is suspected of high treason under martial law (Part 2 of Art. 111 of the  Criminal Code of Ukraine) and complicity in the aggressor-powers (Part 1 of Art. 111- 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), for which there is a sentence of up to 15 years or life imprisonment, with confiscation of property. 

Pre-trial investigation is ongoing.