Information about the SBI destroying documents of high-profile criminal proceedings does not correspond to reality (VIDEO)


Yesterday, on July 7, some media outlets shared "insider information" about the SBI, allegedly, destroying documents of high-profile criminal proceedings at the beginning of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.  Such cases include the signing of the "Kharkiv agreements", the Maidan dispersal, the "gas case" and others.

Such accusations do not correspond to the reality and are entirely manipulative in their character.

The State Bureau of Investigation reports that none of the mentioned cases documents were destroyed. All materials are preserved, and proceedings are investigated according to previously approved plans and will be brought to trial within the specified time frame. Even more so,  some of the  proceedings that are "destroyed", in the opinion of journalists, have already been completed and submitted to the court within the last three months.

We would like to mention that only original materials are taken to court. This includes the Maidan cases; you can read about their completion on the DBI website.

Among the high-profile cases of the last few months:

- The SBI have completed its investigation of Viktor Yanukovych and the former Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine over the seizure of state power in 2010.

- The SBI obtained court permission to conduct a special investigation on suspicion of Mykola Azarov of high treason

We urge journalists not to spread unverified and manipulative information! State Bureau of Investigation is open to cooperation and communication within the limits specified by law.

It should be reminded that the State Bureau of Investigation is responsible for ppreventing, detecting, terminating, solving and investigating crimes having committed by high-ranking officials The attempts to discredit the Bureau during the war time are intended to unbalance the entire law enforcement system and to evade the responsibility of certain officials and high ranking officers who have committed illegal actions or inactivity.

We would like to tell those who "share such sensations" with journalists that all criminal proceedings are being preserved and investigated. You will not be able to avoid liability by openly discrediting the judicial investigation authority.