Russian citizens living in Ukraine do not want to have anything in common with their former motherland (VIDEO)


The State Bureau of Investigation employees continue systematic screening of russian citizens as part of filtering measures for possible cooperation with the enemy. Today, the attitude of the vast majority of russians, who have been living in Ukraine for years, is radically different from how it is presented in the propaganda resources of the occupiers: they condemn the aggression and burn their russian passports.

Thus, a russian citizen, who has been living in the Bilopilskyi District in Sumy region for dozens of years, is forced daily to hide in the basements from the "gifts" of her fellow countrymen. russia regularly fires missiles at Bilopillia. Many buildings have already been damaged by shells. Near one of the destroyed buildings, a citizen of the russian federation decided to publicly destroy her passport and renounce her russian citizenship.

"In the 21 years that I have lived here, I have never felt oppressed because of the language I speak. I condemn the leadership of russia and its army for bringing grief here. Ukraine is free and does not need to be liberated from anyone. Behind me is one of the houses that were demolished by my fellow citizens. Therefore, to signify a protest, I am publicly destroying the passport of a citizen of the russian federation", - the woman said.