The SBI found evidence of treason by a well-known collaborator from Saldo's team, who betrayed Ukrainians and thanked for the "russian world"


During the searches, the SBI agents, together with the Kherson regional prosecutor's office, found documents that will become irrefutable evidence in the trial of the former deputy mayor of Kherson who defected to the enemy.

After the russian invasion, the man was appointed to the position of the so-called "deputy civil-military administration of the region" in the illegally created occupying body headed by the known traitor and collaborator Saldo. He became a local ideologist of the occupiers and regularly reported to his superiors on his work.

During investigations at the perpetrator's home and place of work, the SBI found a report in which the official complained about the prevalence of patriotic Ukrainians among Kherson officials. He also reports on " firing" and "hiring" staff, creating an occupational pension system, transferring money and organising the work of the post office .

The SBI also seized documents on the organisation of propaganda events, scenarios for the victory and russia day celebrations, symbols of the russian federation, st. george ribbons and soviet symbols.

In his speeches, the former official constantly thanked russia for the liberation and agitated his compatriots to take part in the fake referendum.

A decision is being made on whether he should be charged in his absence and placed on the wanted list.

The SBI found that he was working for the enemy together with another former deputy mayor of Kherson, who was involved in organising the work of housing and communal services under russian law.

This official has already been arrested by the SBI and is currently in pre-trial detention.

The SBI warns that under martial law there is no crime without punishment and treason, and that accountability is and will be strict and unavoidable.