The SBI has completed an investigation into traitors who helped the occupiers create a fake court and fortifications in Kharkiv region


The SBI officers have completed a pre-trial investigation against the head of the Vovchansk district court and the head of one of the sectors of the Kupiansk State Forestry Enterprise, who helped the invaders during the temporary occupation.

The charges were sent to court.

After the russians arrived, the head of the Vovchansk district court began to actively help them set up a local occupation court. She began to persuade her colleagues to go over to the enemy's side, prepared a list of staff and determined the salaries of those who would agree to work for the enemy.

The traitor also held meetings of the staff where she told them that those who wanted to work for the occupiers would have to obtain russian passports, attend courses on russian legislation and pass the relevant exams.

Before being released from Vovchansk, the woman fled to russia.

During the temporary occupation, an employee of the Kupyansk Forestry agreed to head the institution and work for the invaders. He organised the harvesting of timber, which the occupiers used for their shelters and fortifications.

After the liberation of Kupiansk, the accused was arrested. He is currently in custody.

The head of the district court and the head of the occupation forestry are charged with high treason (Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The penalty under this article is life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Office is supervising the case.

Earlier, the SBI officers completed an investigation into the chief state inspector of the Kupiansk branch of the Main Department of the State Tax Service in the Kharkiv region, who was collecting money from the local population for the benefit of the invaders.