The SBI has completed investigation into another "batch" of traitors working for the occupiers in Berdiansk and Prymorsk


The State Bureau of Investigation is stepping up its efforts to bring all traitors and collaborators to justice. Those who work for the enemy in temporarily occupied territory today and believe they are safe are mistaken. The hand of the law will reach them as well.

The SBI employees completed a special pre-trial investigation against six former law enforcement officers from Berdiansk, who betrayed the oath and work for the enemy.

The indictments have been sent to court.

After the capture of Berdiansk district by russians, six law enforcement officers voluntarily began to work for the occupiers and agitated their colleagues to do the same.

They began to serve in the fake law enforcement agency " people's militia of Berdiansk" and handed over to the occupiers information about the personnel of the city's law enforcement agencies, in particular about those employees who refused to work for the enemy.

Following this data, the occupants conducted searches, seized uniforms, service weapons, and official cars.

It was also established that one of the accused is currently actively recruiting new employees to the "people's militia".

Currently, the defendants continue to serve the occupiers in the temporarily occupied Berdiansk and Prymorsk.

Former law enforcement officers are charged with high treason (Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The procedural supervision is carried out by the Zaporizzhia Region Prosecutor's Office.

It should be reminded that in mid-December, the SBI agents have already reported suspicion to four former law enforcers from Vesele village, Zaporizzhia region, who defected to the enemy after the russian invasion.

In addition, two former law enforcement officers who assisted the enemy in conducting filtration operations in the Berdiansk district will be tried, based on the SBI materials.