The SBI detained Kherson deputy mayor from the team of the traitor Saldo (VIDEO)


The State Bureau of Investigation is working thoroughly on detecting and detaining traitors and collaborators in the liberated territories of Ukraine. In the framework of stabilization measures, the SBI employees in Kherson has been exposing and detaining traitors among officials who defected to the enemy and supported aggression against Ukraine. Each of them will be held accountable.

The SBI employees in close cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office detained the deputy mayor of Kherson, who worked for the enemy during the temporary occupation of the city. He was served a notice of suspicion of collaboration.

Before the russian invasion, the official was responsible for the city council executive bodies. After the capture of Kherson, he started working for the invaders and was responsible for the communal services.

The traitor participated in the organization of the work of housing and communal services enterprises under the russian legislation, established the system of collecting payments for communal services from the citizens.

He also prepared premises for holding a fake referendum on the status of the territories captured by russians.

The SBI employees detained the official and served him a notice of suspicion of assisting the aggressor state (Part 1 of Art. 111-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanctions of the article provide for imprisonment for up to 12 years.

During the detention, officers found the constitution of the russian federation and other propaganda materials. The suspect is also being checked for involvement in illegal trafficking of weapons and explosives. 

Today, on November 29, the court imposed on the detainee custody as a measure of restraint.

The procedural supervision is carried out by the Kherson Regional Prosecutor's Office.

The SBI reminds that short-term benefits from cooperation with the enemy will turn into shameful and long imprisonment.