The SBI detained owner of Donetsk pawnshops, who remotely financed "donetsk people's republic"" terrorist organization from Kyiv


The SBI employees in cooperation with the Strategic Investigations Department of the National Police of Ukraine reported suspicion to the owner of a pawnshop chain in Donetsk. After 2014, he moved to Kyiv, but continued to conduct commercial activities remotely in the temporarily occupied by russia territory of donbas.

The criminal chose not to close the pawnshop network in the temporarily occupied territory, but on the contrary - supported and expanded this business.

He re-registered pawnshops under russian legislation and opened accounts in a local bank controlled by terrorists. The suspect transferred corporate rights to his mother - a russian citizen.

The woman together with her accomplices provided loans to the local population under the pledge of property, bought gold and precious items. She did not officially register them, but "replenished the treasury" of the so-called treasury of the "dnr".

During 2015-2018, the suspect's business paid taxes and fees in the amount of over UAH 10 million to the budget of the terrorist organization.

The man was served a notice of suspicion of financing terrorism, i.e. actions committed for the purpose of financial support of a terrorist organization, by prior conspiracy (Part 2 Art. 258-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanction of the article provides for imprisonment for up to 10 years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to 3 years with confiscation of property.

Currently, the suspect has been imposed a pre-trial restraint in the form of detention.

The pre-trial investigation is ongoing, all individuals involved in the illegal scheme are being identified.

Procedural supervision is carried out by the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office.