The State Bureau of Investigation detained drug dealers in Kyiv who produced and sold psychotropic drugs worth millions of hryvnias (VIDEO)


The SBI agents, together with the National Police, uncovered seven criminals in the capital who had set up two laboratories for the production of psychotropic substances.

The laboratories had been operating for about 2 years and were located in rented apartments. Each of the seven offenders had their own role and tasks: two "lab technicians" produced amphetamine and cannabis, while the rest searched for customers and sold drugs in Kyiv and the region.

Each month the defendants sold about a kilogram of psychotropic drugs, earning more than half a million hryvnias.

The SBI conducted 15 authorised searches, during which they seized laboratory equipment, precursors for the synthesis of 5,000 doses of drugs, 20 litres and 5 kg of chemicals, amphetamine and cannabis, money, etc.

Four members of the group were charged with illegal production and sale of drugs (Part 1, 2, 3 Art. 307 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Two of them were detained and the issue of the detention measure is under consideration.
The question of the detention of the remaining members of the group is under consideration. The investigation is ongoing.

The article provides for imprisonment for up to 10 years and confiscation of property.

The Specialised Defence Prosecutor's Office of the Central Region is supervising the proceedings.