The SBI detained an official of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, who transported persons liable for military service abroad for bribes (VIDEO)


The SBI agents detained a deputy head of a department of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on receiving a USD 9,000 bribe. The official was served a notice of suspicion of illegally executing documents to remove a person liable for military service from the military register for unimpeded travel abroad.

The official was detained in cooperation with the State Security of Ukraine while transferring documents and receiving money from one of the persons liable for military service.

Several searches were carried out during the pre-trial investigation. The SBI seized third-party documents and military cards, extracts from medical records, sheets with military unit seals, weapons without permits, and foreign currency at the suspect's residence.

The high-ranking official is suspected of smuggling people across the state line (Part 3 of Article 332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

The article allows for up to 9 years in prison.

The preliminary investigation is still ongoing. Other people who may have been involved in the crime are being sought as part of the investigation.

The issue of selecting a restraint measure against the suspect is being decided.

Procedural supervision is carried out by the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office and the Specialised Military and Defence Prosecutor's Office of the Central Region.