The SBI detained the chief of the occupational "police" of Balakliia


As part of the verification process of possible cooperation of local law enforcers with the occupants in the de-occupied territories, the SBI employees, together with the SSU Military Counterintelligence and with the assistance of the Main Department of the National Police in Kharkiv region, were able to quickly identify the traitor who became the head of the so-called police station of the occupation authorities in Balakliia.

Previously, the traitor was one of the heads of Balakliia police, and when the occupants came, he voluntarily agreed to cooperate with them. For that, he received the position of the head of the occupation police station.

After the Armed Forces of Ukraine dislodged the invaders from the city, the traitor decided to flee to the so-called luhansk people's republic. But he had no time to do it and was detained in Kupiansk.

The question of serving him a notice of suspicion and choosing a measure of restraint is now being decided.

The procedural guidance is provided by the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Office.

The SBI reminds that the punishment for cooperation with the enemy is inevitable.