The SBI detained 3 federal security service agents who hung a russian flag in Odesa to create the image of russian propagandists (VIDEO)


During the joint special operation, the SBI and the Security Service of Ukraine detained three federal security service agents who hung a russian flag in Odesa on the eve of Ukraine's Independence Day.

It was established that from the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia, these traitors have been actively engaged in subversive activities in the city. In particular, on August 22, 2022, they placed a flag of the russian federation on one of the residential buildings in Odesa with the signature: "Odesa is a russian city". Later, the traitors passed this photo to the state- aggressor representatives to be used by the propaganda media, which thereby justified the aggression against Ukraine.

This criminal group was organized by a local resident, who since 2014 has openly demonstrated his pro-russian position and participated in pro-russian political events in the city. Since the beginning of the war, he has formed a criminal group on the instructions of his curators from the special service of the aggressor state. He has attracted two more supporters of the "russian world" to join it.

The traitors collected information about the locations of military facilities in Odesa, information about patriotic activists and passed this data to the aggressor. In addition, they developed plans to create an agent network in the law enforcement agencies of Odesa region to conduct subversive activities in favor of russia.

The traitors also continued their usual criminal activities. They planned to kidnap a patriotic entrepreneur of Odesa, who was engaged in volunteer activities. To do this, the criminals equipped a basement for torturing the man, so that he "agreed" to give all his property and money. They explained to their federal security service supervisors that they wanted to do such a thing in order to destabilize the situation in the city, as well as to exchange the Ukrainian patriot for russian prisoners after the capture of Odesa by the aggressor's troops.

In the process of the special operation, the SBI officers caught the criminals-traitors on the act, as they tried to kidnap the entrepreneur with the use of narcotic substances. In order to kidnap him, the criminals dressed up in military uniforms and hired assistants, who in fact were law enforcers in disguise within this special operation.

The criminal proceeding was initiated under Part 2 Art. 111 (high treason), Part 6 111-1 (collaboration) and Part 3 Art. 146 (kidnapping) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The sanction of the articles provides for imprisonment for up to 15 years or life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

At the moment, urgent investigative actions are underway, the issue of serving the detainees a notice of suspicion and applying to the court to choose a measure of restraint is being settled.

Procedural guidance is provided by the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office.