The SBI is currently investigating more than 110 criminal proceedings on abuses by military officials


In total, since the beginning of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the SBI has been investigating 112 proceedings against officials of territorial recruitment and social support centres. Based on the results of this work, 15 indictments have already been sent to court.

The motives behind the "popular" offences committed by military enlistment office officials are their own profits, for which they neglect both their conscience and responsibility for the fate of the country.

The SBI is stepping up its efforts to combat crimes at military enlistment offices and warns that any schemes will be exposed and the perpetrators brought to justice.

The inspection of the activities and lifestyles of employees of the territorial recruitment and social support centres is ongoing. All violations will be assessed in a principled and uncompromising manner in accordance with the Criminal Code.

The following cases have become high-profile examples of abuses at military enlistment offices:

  • Zaporizzhia region: SBI exposes military commissar who organised enrichment scheme for his entourage and helped criminal elements to hide from court
  • Zakarpattia region: SBI serves notice of suspicion to military commissar who forced soldiers to build his estate
  • In Kyiv region, SBI exposes official of territorial recruitment and social support centre on facilitating illegal border crossing
  • Poltava region: SBI serves notice of suspicion to military commissar who severely beat his subordinate
  • Odesa region: SBI serves former military commander suspicion notice of illicit enrichment
  • Rivne region: court imprisons head of regional military enlistment office who beat serviceman
  • In Cherkasy region, SBI serves notice of suspicion to military enlistment office employee who "lured" men from military service for USD 10,000
  • Vinnytsia region: SBI exposes criminal group that assisted evaders in Vinnytsia recruitment centre
  • Kramatorsk district: SBI exposes mechanism of issuing fake documents for crossing the state border: military officer from Donetsk region involved in scheme
  • "Dealers" from Bukovyna, who wanted to get rich on issuing certificates of deferment from mobilisation, will be brought to court