The SBI uncovered a scheme of concealment of goods from customs clearance at Odesa Customs. Already accrued losses for UAH 47 million (VIDEO)


The State Bureau of Investigation constantly carries out thorough work to detect and stop customs crimes. The main goal of the Bureau is to return funds to the state budget and direct them to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of russian aggression, the issue of countering abuses of power in the customs sector has been a priority for our country. After all, the funds stolen at customs clearance are unpaid pensions, social payments, much-needed reserves to cover the needs of the Armed Forces.

Every month, the SBI employees expose criminal schemes during customs clearance of goods worth tens of millions of hryvnias.

In particular, within the framework of comprehensive measures, the SBI officers found at Odesa Customs more than 130 containers with goods, the customs clearance period of which had allegedly expired. Customs officials did not timely take any measures to transfer those goods to the authorized bodies for their disposal and transfer of funds to the state revenue or for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Probably, it is a scheme of tax evasion, which leads to the loss of significant funds to the budget.

During the searches on the territory of container terminals, the SBI investigators found luxury cars, equipment, alcohol, as well as long-term storage food.

The estimated value of the goods is at least UAH 47 million.

Investigative actions are ongoing. In particular, the legal assessment will be given to the actions of customs officials who, in the conditions of full-scale russian aggression against Ukraine, did not take any steps to timely fill the budget.

Since the owners of the goods did not apply to the customs for the return of their goods, the version of the russian origin of the goods will be checked.

The products will be seized and sold, and the proceeds will be transferred to the budget.

Also, the State Bureau of Investigation draws the attention of foreign economic entities whose goods are currently in the customs control zone and whose deadline for staying under customs control is expiring, to apply to the Odesa Customs as soon as possible for customs clearance and payment of mandatory customs duties and penalties.

The SBI continues to work on exposing shady schemes at the customs every day:

  • As reported in September, criminal proceedings with established losses of over UAH 90 million were sent to court.
  • In addition, at Lviv Customs, the SBI launched an investigation into illegal customs clearance of cars at zero rate after the abolition of the preferential terms.
  • Also the actions of the officials of this customs office, who let 40 trucks with household appliances pass through without customs fees, are being investigated.
  • Earlier, the SBI blockedone of the largest smuggling channels of tech equipment and branded clothing in Ukraine.