The SBI exposed a powerful cross-regional gang of drug traffickers, seized goods worth over UAH 10 million (VIDEO)


The State Bureau of Investigation continues to actively counteract attempts to distribute drugs and psychotropics on a large scale. According to some indications, Russian special services are behind this criminal business, including in the frontline regions, and are trying to undermine the country's defense capabilities. Therefore, exposing, blocking and eliminating drug syndicates is one of the Bureau's priorities.

SBI officers, in cooperation with the National Police, conducted a large-scale special operation to expose a criminal group with a turnover of millions of dollars that was involved in drug trafficking. The drug trafficking was organized in Poltava, Dnipro, Sumy and other regions. The criminals were also actively looking for customers in the frontline areas.

The drugs were distributed using Telegram bots. It was possible to order goods 24/7 in just a few clicks. After selecting the desired destination and the type of drug, the buyer paid money, and then received the corresponding mail.

By the way, the "goods" could be paid for both in national currency and in crypto. For example, by paying with bitcoins. Special payment systems were used for this purpose.

During the operation, 15 authorized searches were conducted in 3 regions. Almost 1.5 kg of amphetamine, 1 kg of methamphetamine, 8 kg of synthetic drugs and other substances worth at least UAH 10 million on the black market were seized.

Five people were detained and served a notice of suspicion of using the proceeds of drug trafficking, as well as illegal production and sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues (Part 2 of Art. 306, Parts 2, 3 of Art. 307 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

All the detainees were chosen as a measure of restraint in the form of detention without the right to bail.

In addition, it is planned to serve notices of suspicion to other members of the gang.

The pre-trial investigation is ongoing, and it is planned to seize the suspects' property - cars, houses, etc.

Another group of drug traffickers was exposed in Kharkiv. The SBI employees, together with the National Police of the region, documented the criminal activity of several local residents who also sold potent and hard drugs - amphetamine, methadone and other drugs to the frontline areas and in the regional center.

Orders were handed over to customers by hand or via postal services. The packages with drugs were disguised with tea.

During the searches, the law enforcement seized drugs worth over UAH 100 thousand.

One of the offenders was detained and served a notice of suspicion of illegal production and sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues (Part 2 of Art. 307 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Another drug dealer was also served a notice of suspicion under the same article.

The issue of choosing a measure of restraint is being decided, other accomplices in the crime are being identified.

All the offenders face up to 12 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.

Procedural supervision is provided by the Poltava and Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Offices.