The SBI discovered new evidence of the crimes of a Kherson teacher who abducted children with the occupiers and preached "russkiy mir"


The SBI agents, together with the regional prosecutor's office, searched the house of a teacher from Kherson who had spied for russia before the invasion. During the temporary occupation of the city, she openly worked for the invaders.

Even before the war began, the Kherson teacher was accused of treason. In 2021, law enforcement officers recorded that she was spying for russia.

The woman was able to avoid punishment only because the city was captured by the russians. In return for her many years of loyalty, the invaders appointed her " deputy minister of education " in the fake government of the traitor Saldo.

According to intelligence reports, she imposed russian education on the region, persecuted teachers who did not side with the enemy and forced parents to send their children to 'new Russian schools'. She also actively promoted a phony referendum and greatly helped the invaders in the deportation of schoolchildren to occupied Crimea.

After the liberation of Kherson, she fled with her "masters". During the search, the SBI found further evidence of her anti-state activities: russian propaganda materials and symbols, re-education manuals, etc.

The State Bureau of Investigation is systematically working to ensure that no traitor, wherever he may be hiding, can escape responsibility.