The SBI exposed Kiev tax chief in a multi-million dollar illegal enrichment scheme (VIDEO)


The SBI has exposed the head of the Kiev Tax Service in a multi-million dollar fraud.

Abusing her power and official position, the Acting Head of the Kiev Tax Service made decisions on non-compliance with risk criteria for a number of companies for money.

In particular, the Acting Head of the Kyiv Tax Service is the head of the Commission on Suspension of Registration of a Tax Invoice/Compensation Calculation in the Unified Register of Tax Invoices of the Main Department of the State Tax Service in Kyiv.

Together with other members of the commission, she made decisions on the compliance or non-compliance of taxpayers with the risk criteria without legal grounds, which led to serious consequences.

In addition, according to intelligence information, through her deputies she implemented schemes to artificially inflate the gross expenses of some companies, to conduct business without registering as a sole proprietor, and to submit false information on income.

Experts estimate that more than UAH 15 billion was involved in the grey economy.

In another episode, the management of the Kyiv City State Tax Service was involved in schemes to illegally obtain VAT refunds, which resulted in the diversion of more than UAH 30 billion.

The tax officials "do not notice" these schemes, support their existence or directly participate in them in order to systematically receive payment for their "services".

SBI agents are also investigating the lifestyle of the deputy head of the main department of the State Tax Service in Kiev, which does not correspond to the level of her official income: she has three apartments in Kiev worth about $1 million, a house near Kiev worth about $200,000 and two cars worth about $150,000.

At the same time, one of the official's cars worth approximately USD 100 thousand is registered to her personal driver, whose income in recent years has not exceeded USD 8 thousand.

The woman also wears expensive jewelry, exclusively expensive branded clothing, gold watches and other luxury items.

The total amount of the official's identified unjustified assets is about USD 1.4 million.

As part of the criminal investigation into the abuse of power that caused grave consequences, SBI officers are conducting searches at the suspect's residence and workplace. During the investigation, they have already found USD 158 thousand, UAH 530 thousand and EUR 2.2 thousand, luxury watches, cars, etc.

Procedural guidance is provided by the Prosecutor General's Office.