The SBI, in cooperation with the SSU, served a notice of suspicion to a lieutenant colonel of the Rivne Regional SSU who justified russian aggression and spread russian propaganda fakes


The SBI, with the assistance of the Security Service of Ukraine's internal security, served a notice of suspicion to an officer of the SSU Office in Rivne region who justified russia's war against Ukraine and denied russia's armed aggression.

The lieutenant colonel actively produced russian propaganda "messages" and promoted anti-Ukrainian views. In particular, the woman convinced that the war in Ukraine is beneficial, first of all, to the United States of America, emphasized that "the West is pursuing its own interests", and that it is because of Ukraine, and not because of russia as an aggressor country, that all European countries suffer from increased tariffs and sanctions.

In the conversations, the employee admired lukashenko's policies and regretted that yanukovych left the country in 2014. She emphasized that it was the Ukrainian government that was to blame for russia's full-scale invasion because it did not recognize Donetsk and Luhansk regions as "autonomous." In addition, the official does not believe in russian shelling of eastern Ukraine, because "they decided to defend them," and accuses the Ukrainian military of constant "provocations."

The woman has been a law enforcement officer since 1996, but she has never shown such sentiments before. She has now been suspended from her position and is at the disposal of the police. Based on the results of the investigation, a decision will be made on her further dismissal.

She is suspected of justifying, recognizing as lawful, and denying the armed aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine committed by an official (Part 3 of Article 436-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

She faces up to 8 years in prison.

Procedural supervision is provided by the Rivne Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the Military and Defense Sphere of the Western Region.