The SBI is investigating involvement of Lviv region law enforcers in transportation of 300 kg of hashish to Poland


The SBI is investigating the involvement of law enforcement officers in drug smuggling across the Ukrainian border to Poland.

On September 23, Polish customs officers found 300 kg of hashish in a truck that had been checked on the Ukrainian side and allegedly carried frozen elderberry. Instead, Polish customs officers found a large amount of drugs in the truck.

According to the operational information, law enforcement officers were involved in the smuggling scheme and helped to transport the cargo across the border without hindrance.

The investigation is ongoing, the circle of persons involved in the organization of drug trafficking is being established.

The criminal proceeding over drug smuggling (Part 3 of Art. 305, Part 5 of Art. 27 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) has been initiated.

The article provides for imprisonment for up to 12 years.

Procedural control is carried out by the Lviv Regional Prosecutor's Office.