The SBI investigates offenses that threaten the economic security of the state with strict compliance with the law


Investigations of the "economic" criminal proceedings, that involve persons under the jurisdiction of the SBI, are under special control of the SBI.

Pursuant to the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of January 23, 2024 "On urgent measures to ensure economic security for the period of the legal regime of martial law," the Bureau constantly monitors criminal proceedings related to the economy of the state.

The specialists of the SBI analyze restrictive measures against business entities and the relevance of displaying information about them in public electronic registers.

Since the beginning of this year, the SBI has investigated 165 criminal proceedings of this category. 47 criminal proceedings out of 165 were related to the facts of possible pressure on business by the entities under the jurisdiction of the SBI.

Concerning other 118 criminal proceedings:

in 15 criminal proceedings 65 persons were served notifications of suspicion; 4 criminal proceedings out of 15 were sent to the court with the indictment;

in 11 criminal proceedings - it is planned to complete the pre-trial investigation due to the the appeals to the court with indictments as soon as possible;

7 criminal proceedings were closed on the grounds provided for in the Article 284 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine;

in 5 criminal proceedings, there was a change of jurisdiction over other bodies of pre-trial investigations.

in 91 criminal proceedings the pre-trial investigation is continuing.

The SBI does not apply measures to ensure the criminal proceedings against business entities, if it does not harm the investigation. In addition, the Main Investigation Department of the State Bureau of Investigation constantly monitors cases of the "economic" category and adheres to the use of the most balanced restrictive measures, in particular during investigative (search) and other procedural actions.

The SBI does not and will not allow other law enforcement agencies to exert any artificial pressure on business. The Bureau works exclusively in the legal field for the common result for the country.