The SBI investigates a large-scale theft of Ukrainian companies' property under the guise of nationalization of russian property


Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation have exposed large-scale theft of Ukrainian businessmens' property, which may be attributable to the officials of one of the local military administrations in the Sumy region.

The night before russia's large-scale aggression against Ukraine, more than 40 russian railroad cars arrived on the territory of our country, transporting the products of Ukrainian companies.

According to operational information, the officials decided to take advantage of the wartime and enrich themselves. They took away not only the russian property railcars but also their content of it, which included diesel fuel, coal,  propane-butane gas, and other fuel that belonged to private Ukrainian enterprises.  Railcars with goods were transported to another location and were emptied. 

The losses of Ukrainian enterprises will be determined after the examination. 

Pre-trial investigation of a criminal proceeding for the signs of committing a criminal offense under Section 5 of Article 426-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Excess of uthority or official powers by a military official) is ongoing. 

According to the Bureau employees' request, the court has transferred about 40 russian railroad cars worth approximately 25 million hryvnias to the National Agency of  Ukraine for finding, tracing, and management of assets derived from corruption and other crime.