The SBI investigates a criminal proceeding after the fact of embezzlement of the property of the airport "Kiyv" in the first days of war (VIDEO)


Under conditions of russian military agression against Ukraine it is crucial to check the facts, before spreading "betrayel news" such as "a case for defending the airport was initiated against the commander".

The SBI doesn't engage in prosecution of servicemen, who are devotedly defeating Motherland, but Bureau will decisively stop any attempts of certain persons to benefit from the war. 

We inform you that the Bureau has indeed opened criminal proceeding on the embezzlement of the property of the airport.

As part of the investigation of criminal proceeding initiated under Part 5 of Art. 426-1 (excess of the military official power or official authority), information is checked on the validity of orders to the servicemen regarding the seizure of airport vehicles and other property. Also, the legality of the order to damage the runways of the airport is investigated, which was not due to military necessity.

The investigation is ongoing.