The SBI conducted searches at the home of traitor Saldo (VIDEO)


The SBI employees in cooperation with the Kherson Regional Prosecutor's Office, conducted a search at the residence of Kherson region's main collaborator, Volodymyr Saldo.

russian documents with direct instructions to commit crimes against Ukraine were discovered in his estate and at the place of residence of the traitor's accomplices.

The evidences with information on the structure of the occupation administration and salary calculation in rubles were also found. As well as the notes, in which the peculiarities of the russian legislation were described. There were also references to Kherson patriots and activists.

The library of Saldo deserves special attention, as it was the place where he probably gained ideology about the "great" russia. Along with such publications as "Empress Catherine II", "russia. Great Destiny", "moscow. Reflections in photographs", next to them is the manual "The Joy of Sex. A book about the wisdom of love". There are also many soviet heraldry and awards and st. george's ribbons.

It should be reminded that prosecutors of Kherson regional prosecutor's office have already sent to the court indictments against the occupation "head of the military-civil administration of Kherson region", his deputy and the so-called "head of Kherson city administration". They are charged with high treason, collaboration, justification, recognition as legitimate, denial of the armed aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine, glorification of its participants (Article 111, Article 111-1, Article 436-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).