The SBI conducted searches of the traitor from Saldo's team, who forgot a "gift" from putin while fleeing


The SBI employees, in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office, searched the house of a pseudo-official of the occupation mayor's office in Kherson, who is suspected of working for the enemy.

This time it was the turn of the fake "first deputy mayor of Kherson".

During the searches, the police found documents left behind that can serve as evidence for the investigation.

An indicative finding and another piece of evidence for the investigation was an alleged gold award watch from the president of the russian federation, which the collaborator boasted about in his entourage, claiming that it was a real gift from putin for the warm welcome of the "new government."

When the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to liberate Kherson, the defendant ran away with his supervisors, leaving the watch and all other property behind.

It will probably be a great disappointment for the collaborator that the found watch turned out to be a common fake in the worst version of the "russian hinterland".

The question of serving the suspect with a notice of suspicion in absentia is currently being decided.