The SBI continues to fight corruption and schemes involving law enforcement officials. More than 1000 charges were filed


Despite the full-scale russian aggression, the State Bureau of Investigation, together with the anti-corruption departments of other law enforcement agencies, worked tirelessly last year to investigate crimes committed by law enforcers.

Based on the results of the investigations, more than 1,000 suspicion cases were filed against law enforcement officials. Some of these crimes were offences related to the hostilities in Ukraine, such as crimes against the foundations of national security, high treason and collaboration.

The Bureau did not ignore other crimes unrelated to the hostilities. Despite the war in Ukraine, some dishonest law enforcement officials thought and acted solely for their own profit and enrichment, rather than for the defense of the state.

As a result, the fight against corruption, bribery, and schemes involving law enforcement officers remains Ukraine's second front, with the SBI working effectively at the forefront for many years.

The following facts are examples of this work:

  • The SBI and SSU detained a Security Service of Ukraine employee who was working for Russian special services and passed classified information to them.
  • The SBI stopped a retired Security Service of Ukraine major general from illegally crossing the border.
  • The SBI arrested a prosecutor from one of Odesa's district prosecutor's offices for accepting a bribe of USD 3,000. He accepted the money in exchange for not seeking prison time for the accused in a violent robbery.
  • The SBI, in collaboration with the National Police's Internal Affairs Department, exposed and arrested the head of a law enforcement agency in a Ternopil district center who was extorting money.
  • Members of a criminal organization that smuggled conscripts abroad are on trial in the Lviv region. The group was formed and led by a Ukrainian citizen and a state customs inspector. Two other border guard inspectors and a Zhovkva resident were also involved in the criminals' activities.
  • The SBI uncovered a route for smuggled cigarettes to Romania in Chernivtsi. An inspector from the 31st Border Guard Detachment (Chernivtsi) of the Border Guard Service has been charged with facilitating the illegal transport of tobacco across the border.
  • A migration service official will face trial for selling Ukrainian passports to russians. For a fee, the official entered photos of foreigners, as well as data on deceased Ukrainians, into the Unified Database of Ukraine.