The SBI notified the former commander of the submarine "Zaporizhzhya" of suspicion of high treason, who defected to the enemy in 2014 (VIDEO)


The SBI employees notified a captain of the military unit stationed in Crimea of suspicion of high treason. In 2014, during the russian occupation and blockade of the submarine "Zaporizhzhya", the commander handed over a single Ukrainian vessel, which had been used as a submarine.

In 2014, during the Russian occupation and blockade of the submarine "Zaporizhzhya", the commander surrendered the only Ukrainian submarine without a fight.

Betraying his oath, he took the oath of allegiance to the russian armed forces and continued to serve in the russian black sea fleet.

He is now serving as deputy commander of the 4th submarine brigade of the russian black sea fleet and is fighting against Ukraine on the side of the occupants.

The SBI investigators gathered sufficient evidence and notified the perpetrator of suspicion of high treason (Part 1 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanction of the article provides for a punishment of up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Procedural guidance into this criminal proceeding is provided by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in the Military and Defence Sphere of the Southern Region.

It should be reminded that that earlier the SBI had already notified the captain of the russian cruiser "Admiral Makarov"and the commander of the missile boat "Vyshny Volochek" of the suspicion. The officers also betrayed Ukraine in 2014.