The SBI notified a law enforcement officer from Donetsk region who joined the illegal armed formations of the "DPR" of suspicion of high treason


Under martial law, one of the State Bureau of Investigation’s priorities is to identify and prosecute individuals who have consciously decided to defect to the enemy. The officers of the Bureau make every effort for every fact to be appropriately documented, and all guilty are held accountable.

The State Bureau of Investigation employees notified of suspicion of another law enforcement officer of high treason due to cooperation with the occupiers.

At the end of March, the man voluntarily joined the DPR police and continued to "serve" on the side of the occupation administration in the Volnovaskyi District. The man was regularly on duty at the enemy checkpoint, checked the vehicles of Ukrainian citizens, and performed other tasks of the russian-occupation authorities.

Therefore, he is suspected of high treason committed under martial law (Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanction of the article provides for a punishment of up to 15 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment, with confiscation of property.

Procedural guidance for the pre-trial investigation is provided by the Khmelnytskyi Regional Prosecutor's Office.