The SBI has served a notice of suspicion to a former law enforcement officer who became an accomplice in russian crimes of child abduction in the occupied territory of Zaporizhia (VIDEO).


SBI employees served a notice of suspicion in absentia to a former Ukrainian law enforcement officer from Prymorske, Zaporizhzhia region. After the russian invasion, she had voluntarily joined the occupiers.

In peaceful times, the woman took care of children's rights in the juvenile prevention department, but in exchange for her betrayal, she was given a position by the occupiers in the law enforcement agency "Prymorske Police Department of the Internal Affairs Department", illegally created by the aggressors.

Among other things, she helped the aggressor to identify and transport Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories to russia. The offender also actively turned over to the enemy her fellow countrymen who did not want to submit to the occupation regime.

Together with the occupiers, she participated in raids to seize property from local residents. The aggressors, traitors and collaborators left no stone unturned and took everything of any value.

The SBI notified her in absentia of suspicion of high treason (Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The sanction of the article provides for punishment in the form of life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

Procedural supervision is carried out by the Zaporizzhia Regional Prosecutor's Office