The SBI charges a former law enforcer who helped the occupiers identify Ukrainian military with treason


The SBI employees served a notice of suspicion in absentia to a law enforcement officer from a town near Kherson.

After the temporary occupation of the region, the man began working in a law enforcement agency illegally created by the aggressor as a senior inspector.

He actively searched for and handed over to the occupiers Ukrainians who had previously fought in the area of the anti-terrorist operation. Together with the russian military, he conducted searches of local residents, seized weapons and property. He cooperated with russian special services.

He became an important link in the occupier's punitive machine as a result of his activity. The traitor compiled and gave the enemy a list of patriots who were later detained and imprisoned by the invader.

According to the investigation, all this was done to force the citizens of Kherson to obey and prevent resistance.

SBI officers, in cooperation with the SBU, notified the defendant in absentia of suspicion of high treason under martial law (Part 2 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

He faces life imprisonment.

The Kherson Regional Prosecutor's Office is providing procedural supervision in the case.