SBI transfers over UAH 24 million from accounts of person linked to russian oligarch Giner and VS Energy group to ARMA (VIDEO)


The SBI continues its systematic work on finding and nationalising property and assets of the russian federation in Ukraine to enhance the defence capability of our country. During the war, this resource should work for the economy and victory of Ukraine.

Based on the materials of the SBI and the Prosecutor General's Office, the court seized and transferred to the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) over UAH 24 million in the bank account of a Ukrainian citizen associated with the VS Energy and putin's oligarch Yevhen Giner.

The SBI identified the suspect's bank account in cooperation with the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine.

The financial resources were discovered during the SBI investigation into the activities of a criminal organisation involving russian citizens and law enforcement officers involved in the seizure of critical energy infrastructure (oblenergos).

SBI officers found that since the beginning of full-scale hostilities in Ukraine, this person acquired Ukrainian assets of companies and individuals associated with putin's oligarch Yevgeny Giner and the VS Energy group. This was done in order to hide the russian trace of the assets and make it impossible to arrest them. The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine imposed sanctions on Giner.

It has been established that the above-mentioned Ukrainian citizen carried out banking transactions totalling over UAH 96 million.

The pre-trial investigation is ongoing.

Procedural guidance is provided by the Prosecutor General's Office.

As a reminder, based on the SBI materials, stakes in strategic Ukrainian enterprises, bank accounts and securities of related legal entities, the actual owners of which are entities controlled by high-ranking officials and citizens of russia, were seized.

As a reminder, the SBI served Giner with a notice of suspicion for building thermal power plants in Crimea and supplying ammunition to the russian army.

These stakes are owned in different proportions by VS Group Management LLC and the Netherlands-based VS Energy International N.V. and Washington Holdings B. V., which are united in the VS Energy group.

Earlier, at the request of the State Bureau of Investigation, the court decided to seize seven hotels and two shopping centres that are actually owned by citizens of the aggressor state.

In February of this year, based on the SBI's materials, the court seized a controlling stake (88.9%) in a banking institution beneficially owned by the President of the Russian football club CSKA Yevgeny Giner.