The SBI in Bukovina exposed a scheme of illegal movement of military-age males to Romania, forestry officials involved (VIDEO)


The State Bureau of Investigation is working systematically on blocking channels of illegal movement of military-age males across the state border of Ukraine.

Another channel organized by an employee of a state forestry enterprise was revealed in Bukovina.

The SBI notes: you won’t escape through forests, fields and swamps, defend Ukraine, have the honour!

Employees of the Regional Department of the State Bureau of Investigation located in Khmelnytskyi notified a forester of the "Chernivtsi Forestry" and two of his accomplices of suspicion of organizing an illegal scheme of movement of Ukrainians to Romania.

Crooks accompanied Ukrainian citizens trying to illegally leave the state’s territory at different stages. One of them took funds, which were then divided among the group members, the other drove them to the border, and the third moved them on foot to Romania.

The scheme participants were caught in the act of attempting to move three military-age males for EUR 10,000.



A forestry worker and two civilians are suspected of illegal movement of citizens across the state border of Ukraine, committed by a group of persons upon their prior conspiracy for mercenary motives (Part 3, Article 332 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The article provides imprisonment for a period from 7 to 9 years.

The Chernivtsi Regional Prosecutor's Office provides procedural guidance for the pre-trial investigation.