The SBI has identified 46 russian artillerymen who were shelling Kharkiv


While conducting stabilisation operations in the liberated areas of the Kharkiv region, the SBI agents found hidden russian documents that helped identify russian artillerymen who were shelling Kharkiv with long-range artillery.

In one of the buildings housing the russian military headquarters, the SBI found a cache of secret documents belonging to the 138th motorised rifle brigade of the russian armed forces.

The documents indicate that this particular unit was moved from a training area in the Kursk region at the beginning of the invasion to advance on Kharkiv.

In June-August 2022, soldiers of this brigade, half of whom were conscripts, shelled Kharkiv, including the residential area called North Saltovka. The attacks involved Grad multiple rocket launchers, 152mm Acacia self-propelled guns and other long-range artillery.

Thanks to the documents found, it was possible to fully identify 46 servicemen of the 138th motorised rifle brigade of the russian armed forces, the numbers of weapons assigned to them, reports and much other information useful for the investigation.

In accordance with the legislation in force, the SBI is transferring all the documents found to the Security Service of Ukraine for further investigation.

The SBI emphasises that crimes against the foundations of national security have no statute of limitations, and every occupier will be identified.