The SBI seized the property of the Belarusian company worth USD 20 million (VIDEO)


The SBI continues the systematic activity of finding and seizing the property of aggressor countries for the benefit of our state.

In particular, employees of the SBI found 188 railway cars loaded with mineral fertilizers on the territory of a seaport in the Mykolaiv region.

Seventy-seven thousand tons of goods were owned by the Belarusian holding company. The value of the property and the Belarusian railway cars amounts to USD 20 million (more than UAH 700 million).

Sixty-five thousand tons of fertilizers have already been reloaded onto Ukrainian vessels, which should have transported the goods abroad.

To date, the SBI investigators have seized all property within criminal proceedings into the abuse of authority by officials of the Mykolaiv Customs Office who facilitated the illegal movement of sanctioned goods through customs control.

The investigation is in progress.

Procedural guidance is provided by the Mykolaiv Regional Prosecutor's Office.