Monaco battalion: SBI sent documents to extradite one of the defendants (VIDEO)


The SBI is actively investigating proceedings regarding the legality of crossing the border by military-liable Ukrainian citizens from the so-called "Monaco Battalion." At the same time, SBI employees are taking a comprehensive approach to this matter. Therefore, other episodes of illegal activities of some "fighters" of this elite club are being investigated.

In particular, the SBI employees confirmed the location of one of the figurants of this journalistic investigation. He is a suspect in the SBI criminal investigation into illegal embezzlement. Currently, measures are being taken to detain him and extradite to Ukraine. Documents that will bring him closer to meeting with investigators have already been sent to the relevant EU countries.

Concerning another person mentioned in the journalistic investigation, the SBI is investigating a criminal proceeding regarding tax evasion by a group of companies owned by the figurant.

It was found that under the cover of tax officials, a group of companies manipulated financial reports, and conducted fictitious economic operations to reduce the amounts that needed to be paid to the state budget.

Also, during the investigation, it was exposed that these companies, after the annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, continued to carry out economic activities on the peninsula.

Based on the materials of the SBI, the property of the "fighter of the Monaco battalion" was seized, while he is resting on the azure coast and his companies in fact are stealing from Ukrainians.

As you know, on August 17, 2022, the SBI employees launched a pre-trial investigation after the fact of publication of the journalistic investigation of «Ukrainska Pravda» regarding the departure of military liable Ukrainian citizen to the Principality of Monaco during the russian aggression.

In particular, as part of the investigation of criminal proceedings, the circumstances of the crossing of the Ukrainian state border of Ukraine by the figurants of this investigation, as well as the role and place of law enforcement officials in this process will be investigated.