Assets of the group of companies of the russian company "Tatneft" were transferred to ARMA


The assets of a group of companies of the russian company "Tatneft" were transferred to the National Agency of Ukraine for Аinding, Tracing and Management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes (ARMA) for the management.

We remind that on May 31, 2022, as part of the criminal proceedings, resolutions of investigating judge on seizure of movable and immovable property, accounts and corporate rights of a group of companies were obtained. They were founded by the russian oil company «Tatneft», which supplies oil products for the needs of the divisions of the ministry of defense of russian federation.

Currently, 115 items of immovable property have been seized: petroleum depots, petrol stations, non-residential buildings, land plots and 118 gasoline trucks and vehicles.

Only the value of corporate rights of enterprises and movable property amounts to UAH 400 million.

The State Bureau of Investigation employees with operative support of the Security Service of Ukraine under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General's Office continues the pretrial investigation into the financing of actions aimed at forceful change or overthrow of the constitutional system, or take-over of government committed upon prior conspiracy by a group of persons (Part 3 of Article 110-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).