Mission and Values

The SBI is investigating into the crimes committed by high-ranking officials, judges, law enforcement officers, as well as against those who had committed war crimes.

These are people who can impact on the course of criminal proceedings and avoid punishment, for that reason the society has no faith in the work of law enforcement agencies and the judiciary.

The SBI must break these stereotypes with its activities.

Our mission is to establish justice in the society through an independent and comprehensive investigation into crimes for bringing perpetrators to justice, regardless of their positions, connections and resources.

The tasks of the State Bureau of Investigation are timely prevention, detection, termination, prompt solving and impartial investigation of crimes falling under the jurisdiction of the Bureau.

In carrying out these tasks, the State Bureau of Investigation will strictly adhere to the following principles:

  • rule of law, according to which an individual, his/her life, health, honor, dignity, immunity and safety are recognized as the highest social value, and human rights and freedoms, as well as guarantees thereof determine the content and direction of the state activities,
  • lawfulness, fairness, impartiality, independence and personal responsibility of each staff member of the State Bureau of Investigation,
  • openness and transparency of the activities of the State Bureau of Investigation, accountability and answerability to public authorities determined by law,
  • political neutrality and party independence,

unity of command in combination with the collective way of implementation of certain powers of the State Bureau of Investigation. The principle of unity of command does not deny the principle of procedural autonomy of an investigating authority of the State Bureau of Investigation.